The McKeen Group
The McKeen Group
What Our Clients Say

“The service has been outstanding, I can leave our building with confidence and know the facilities are being well taken care of by the employees of The McKeen Group.”

Mark Stickley,
General Manager
Turf Care Supply Corporation

“At OVMC & EORH we strive to provide an exemplary experience for our patients and family of employees. It is our experience that The McKeen Group obviously shares this same commitment to quality, service and response. The well-trained professionals that McKeen provides enable us to have a comfortable and safe environment that is integrated throughout our entire organization.”

Mr. James Stultz,
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources

"McKeen Security developed defensive programs and protective systems to cope with office building risks and has guarded the assets of Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel for many years. They also successfully provided services related to mail processing, courier/transportation, investigations, and parking lot management."

John L. Sneddon, Director
Corporate Services and Real Estate
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation

McKeen Security A Proud Tradtion of Service
Quality Assurance at McKeen Security means diligent attention to the client and a demonstrated ability to fulfill our commitments.
  • Qualified Security Personnel
  • Security Consultants
  • Private Investigators
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Personal Protection
  • Work Stoppages
  • Mobile Field Supervisors
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Mobile Guard Booth

McKeen Security

Our vision is to provide the highest quality professional services; to maintain immediate executive reaction time; and through competent employees, provide a friendly, safe environment for our clients and their customers.